Ladies! Please wash your face at night!

When women ask me for skin care rules for nighttime, my exact answer: “Cleanse your skin EVERY night!” It’s a rule our mothers have told us for years—and one we try to ignore at for just as long—but does it actually make a difference in your skin appearance? Turns out it absolutely does, and our skin could be paying the price.

“The skin regenerates itself when we sleep, and when we leave our makeup on, we prevent that repair from happening”. Even more important, washing our faces literally lets our skin breathe, which means when we don't wash it, it's being suffocated. When we got to bed with clean skin, not only it's able to soak up more oxygen, but when we’re asleep, clean skin can absorb up to 60% more nutrients from serums and moisturizers, essentially making them more beneficial.

Aside from allowing products to absorb deeper into the skin, cleansing is also crucial for getting grime out of the skin, we’re not just talking makeup. “Cleansing at the end of your day is a must for removing all of the dirt, oil and pollution from your skin,”although cleansing once may not be enough to do the trick. I suggest a double cleanse at night before giving your skin what it needs for the night.

“First use either a makeup remover wipe or a cotton ball with Micellar Water, followed by a non-foaming face cleanser. If your pores are tight, use steam while you cleanse because it helps to open them up and soften skin. Once you’re done, I suggest to all my clients that they apply either anti-aging or moisturizing creme or serum. "Because nighttime is when the skin renews itself, it’s the ideal time to apply these types of products,". Try this simple routine for yourself and you will see see a huge difference in your skins appearance.

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