Few Things You Need to Know on How to Wear Dark Makeup

1. High Shine Nail Polish

This season’s nail colors are inspired by nature. “We’ll be seeing hues like rust, moss green, and deep plum. The overall look is classic and a bit understated with an elongated shape and high shine." If you have lighter skin, dark shades of polish will stand out even more, so go for a professional manicure to make sure your nails are done perfectly.

2. Dark Plum Lips

Another huge look for fall is a dark, vampy lip, and the pros say texture plays a big role in pulling it off. But ladies you have to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying a bold color. “Nothing ruins this look more than dry and cracked lips! Use a lip primer (only on the outer edges), and then dust a bit of powder on top to set it before applying lip liner. Smile while you do it so your lips stretch and the primer fills in any lines. Apply lip liner and then lipstick using a brush. Then dab a flat-edged brush into concealer and trace around your lip line to perfect the edges. Top it off with a bit of powder to hold it in place."

3. Dramatic Eyes

Extra-long faux lashes paired with super black eyeliner are essential to nailing this look. “Use a combination of eye pencils and eye paints to create more of the ‘smudge’ effect that’s really in right now. I love a super dark eye looks when paired with low-key makeup on the rest of the face. A hint of color on the cheeks (pink for pale skin and peach for warmer tones) and a sexy nude lip are a good choice.”

4. Flawless Glowing Skin

When wearing dark hues on your eyes or lips, having clear, glowing skin is key. “Your skin should provide a beautiful backdrop to the drama of your other features. The best way to cover skin imperfections is to use a primer. If you’re covering blemishes, a nongreasy base is crucial, so skip moisturizers and go straight for the primer."

Another thing is key: With vampy colors, skin can be worn either matte or dewy. “I love skin to look velvety, but not too matte, with a highlight at the top of the cheekbones for a bit of a glow.

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