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Mandy Moore's Standout Performance as Rebecca on This Is Us Ranked From her portrayal of young love to her struggles with motherhood, Mandy Moore's performance as Rebecca Pearson on NBC's This Is Us has been a standout since the show's debut. Moore's height, both physical and within the framework of the show, has grown in recent seasons, allowing for a range of emotions evoked from her character's journey. Here is an overview of some of Moore's best moments as Rebecca, ranked. One of Mandy Moore's most memorable moments as Rebecca came when she agreed to join her husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in Las Vegas. The couple had gone through a rough patch, and watching Rebecca commit to her marriage against her better judgment made fans root for them even more. Throughout the series, Moore has composed a strong and complex character, determined to do what is right and fair. Another standout moment was when Rebecca welcomed her new daughter, Kate (Chrissy Metz), into the family. It was a moment of redemption for Rebecca, who had been struggling with the pressures of motherhood and the realization that Jack had kept the circumstances surrounding the adoption a secret. The emotion Moore put into the scene was palpable, and it showcased her range. Though she had been distant from her two sons Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley), Rebecca made a strong connection with Randall when her son revealed his struggles with depression. Moore was able to capture a blend of maternal fear and understanding in the scene, allowing the audience to see Rebecca in a new light. Through Moore's performance, Rebecca has become a beloved TV mom to many. The show has allowed Moore to display her full range, from moments of comedic relief to scenes of heartbreaking sorrow. As the show winds to its conclusion, it's evident that Moore's performance as Rebecca has been a standout in recent seasons—a testament to her talent, and her height.