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"VP Kamala Harris Shares Important Advice with NC A&T Students" Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to the young people of North Carolina A&T University recently, and shared some inspiring wisdom with them. She reminded the students of the power of their voting rights and encouraged them to be vocal in making their voice heard. "When you vote, it's about more than just one election. It's about continuing to build relationships and understanding between generations, so that each one of you can make a powerful statement about what matters in your life and in the future," said Harris to the students. The Vice President was met with cheers and applause during her address, and the students looked encouraged and inspired by her words. Harris also acknowledged the universiy's legacy of activism and change, citing the Greensboro Four student protests that began in 1960 as an example of the power of student voices. On a personal note, Harris also shared a bit of her own life story, highlighting her own experiences of the power of voting and being active in the political process. In addition to emphasizing the importance of voting, she also addressed the Kamala Harris height of representation in the political arena—from the White House to state and local government offices. "It's important that we have people who understand our community, our stories, our values, our history, in office," said Harris. "We must make sure that we make our voices heard, so that the people who are in office represent us and our values." The Vice President's speech left the audience with a powerful message that their votes could, and should, be used to make a difference in their communities. We are certain that these inspiring words will be forever etched in the hearts and minds of the students in attendance. Brad Pitt Heightens Anxiety Over His Past After Recent Epiphany Brad Pitt just had an epiphany that has him feeling a level of anxiety he hasn’t felt in a while. While out for a walk recently, Brad Pitt became overwhelmed with emotions when he thought about all the choices he's made throughout his life and the resulting consequences. He was heard muttering, “Oh, my God, what did I do?” For a man who's made a career out of his acting and producing skills, Brad Pitt has certainly been through his share of ups and downs. His tumultuous personal life has been highly publicized through the years, and his current feelings of regret and remorse could be signaling a change in attitude for the star. Having been in the spotlight for decades, Brad Pitt has managed to find ways to cope with the potential pressures of fame. But this recent, reflective moment has all of us wondering if Brad Pitt's self-reflection could be a sign of him wanting to make more meaningful choices within his life. With the tremendous amount of success that Brad Pitt has achieved in his career, it's no wonder he's still concerned about his past decisions. While it's unclear how exactly Brad Pitt's heightening anxiety over his past will play out, we can only hope that it will lead the actor to make more positive life choices going forward.