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"Tana Mongeau Height Controversy: RawBeautyKristi Receives Backlash From YouTube Drama Channels" RawBeautyKristi, a lifestyle vlogger and beauty influencer on YouTube, has recently faced backlash from the YouTube community due to her post about Tana Mongeau's height. On April 18, 2020, RawBeautyKristi made a video in which she claimed that Tana Mongeau was "at least 5'9" tall. This statement was quickly met with criticism from certain members of the YouTube community, with many drama channels weighing in on the issue. At the beginning of the controversy, drama channels such as DramaAlert and KEEMSTAR posted videos about Tana Mongeau's height, claiming that it had been "overstated". This sparked a larger debate regarding the accuracy of the post and the extent to which RawBeautyKristi should be held accountable for her statement. With the controversy growing, YouTube drama channels began to pile onto RawBeautyKristi for her video about Tana Mongeau's height. These channels argued that people should not make assumptions about someone's height without actually seeing them in person and that RawBeautyKristi might be trying to start drama. Despite the mounting criticism, RawBeautyKristi has yet to publicly apologize for her post or take down the video. Many people are disappointed in RawBeautyKristi for starting this drama and forcing YouTube users to focus on an issue that could have been easily avoided. Some viewers were also dismayed by the way that drama channels took the issue too far and accused RawBeautyKristi of starting a malicious controversy. Overall, this incident has sparked an important conversation about the importance of accuracy and honesty online.