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Mandy Moore Calls for Fair Conditions for Assistants as Disney Studios Suspend Deals Disney Entertainment TV Studios have recently suspended their deals with a plethora of producers, including Yara Shahidi, Justin Hartley, and Billy Porter, in order to pay assistants amid the recent wave of strikes. Mandy Moore, an actress and former Disney Channel star, has taken notice of this development and is calling for fair conditions for the assistants working for Disney. Moore, who is most known for her work as the lead in the Disney Channel series ‘Tangled’, shared her thoughts on the news in a recent tweet. “I’m so relieved to hear that Disney is paying its assistants during these tumultuous times,” she wrote. “It is so important that assistants receive fair and equitable treatment in any workplace. We’re standing in solidarity with those affected by the strikes and hoping for a speedy and fair resolution.” The strikes have been occurring due to a lack of fairness and protection in the workplace, with various assistants and other crewmembers being denied their basic rights as employees. Moore, whose height in the entertainment industry gives her a platform to speak out about the injustices of the industry, has been a strong advocate for the rights of assistants. Moore has previously spoken up about the unequal treatment of assistants in the entertainment industry. In an interview last year, she stated, “Equal pay, equal opportunity, and respect in the industry should be the norm, regardless of your gender, race, or Mandy Moore height. Everyone should be treated fairly.” It is clear that Moore stands with those affected by the strikes, and is continuing to use her platform to fight for the rights of those who are not in a position of power. Her words have gained the attention of the entertainment industry, and it is likely that her advocacy will make a lasting impact.