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Liev Schreiber Height: Actor Replaces Tyler Mane As Sabretooth In X-Men Movies According to Deadline, actor Liev Schreiber is slated to play Sabretooth in an upcoming X-Men movie. Schreiber will replace Tyler Mane, who portrayed the villain in the original 2000 X-Men movie. The movie in question has yet to be named. Liev Schreiber is renowned for his roles in Ray Donovan, Spotlight, The Omen, and Salt. His height of 6'3" will bring a menacingly powerful presence to the role of Sabretooth. With Schreiber's addition to the role, fans can expect to see a new take on the X-Men classic. Tyler Mane originally appeared as Sabretooth, alongside Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, in the original X-Men film from 2000. He also appeared briefly in the 2009 prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Mane was a fan favorite for many years due to his intimidating presence and standing at 6'9" tall. X-Men fans have eagerly awaited the announcement of the film in which Schreiber will portray Sabretooth. With his impressive Liev Schreiber height, he is sure to bring a unique new dynamic to the beloved franchise. It is surely a casting decision that will not disappoint.