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Dodgers Will Smith Height Proves Too Much for Sunday Start Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith will not be starting in Sunday's game, apparently due to his height. The rookie backstop stands at 6'4", making him one of the tallest catchers in Major League Baseball. Smith has had a good start to his major league career, batting .274 with one home run and four RBI in his first 26 at-bats. However, with a height of 6'4", his height has posed a problem when it comes to his starting position. The Dodgers organization has decided for him to sit out this Sunday's game in order to give him extra time to adjust to the position. Manager Dave Roberts was quoted saying, "for a player of Will's height, there are certain things mechanics wise that we need to work on. We want to give him the opportunity to focus on that so he can become the best catcher he can possibly be." Smith will return to the lineup when the Dodgers take on the Washington Nationals on Monday. Roberts has expressed his confidence in Will Smith's ability to become an anchor for the Dodgers catching squad, saying, "we need Will to have success. We believe he can become one of the best catchers in the league and we want him to have the opportunity to work on the applicable mechanics." Smith, who stands tall at 6'4", is one of the tallest catchers in Major League Baseball. Although he's had a good start to his career, the Dodgers have decided that, for the time being, he will sit out Sunday's game in order to give him extra time to adjust to the position. The organization is confident that with the extra work, Will Smith will become an integral part of the Dodgers catching squad and live up to his full potential. 'Acclaimed Director Shawn Levy Recreates Liev Schreiber's Height for Film' Shawn Levy is no stranger to directing films and television shows, and he recently decided to take on the challenge of recreating Liev Schreiber's height for an upcoming movie. Levy wanted to bring the character to life in a way that hadn't been done before, and he knew he had access to the best talent to help him do so. Levy brought on some of the nerdiest nerds he could find to create a realistic portrayal of Schreiber's height for the film. He wanted to make sure that the representation of Schreiber would be as accurate as possible. After recruiting a team of tech wizards and 3D visual effects experts, Levy put them to work crafting an accurate representation of Schreiber's height. The team spent a lot of time researching Schreiber's exact height measurements and using computer-generated imagery to bring the actor's height to life. They also experimented with different techniques and technologies to create a realistic representation of Schreiber's height. The experts took into consideration the actor’s physical features and used their advanced software to create a lifelike figure that matches Schreiber's exact height. The end result was a realistic and accurate representation of Liev Schreiber's height that people will be able to see on the big screen. Levy and his team of tech nerds have created a stunning representation of Schreiber's height that will surely bring the character to life in a way that hasn't been seen before. Levy's determination to recreate Schreiber's height has paid off, and audiences of the upcoming film are in for a treat.