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"AI Powers Travis Scott's Latest Hit "Whiplash" Houston rap star Travis Scott's much-anticipated new single, "Whiplash," has been released to the public, and its creators used artificial intelligence (AI) to write the track. With the use of AI technology, the Grammy-nominated artist was able to produce a dynamic and powerful song. The Houston Chronicle reports that Scott enlisted the help of Ghostwriter, an AI-powered music service, to create the song. With the use of Ghostwriter's AI platform, Scott was able to express his vision and collaborate with top-tier artists from around the world. The AI technology used by Ghostwriter was able to provide Scott with an array of ideas to choose from, which allowed him to create a track as unique as his own musical style. According to the Houston Chronicle, the use of this AI service allowed Scott to produce a high-quality piece of work without having to rely on outside assistance. In a statement to the Houston Chronicle, Scott said that working with Ghostwriter was a great experience. He noted that the AI's ability to understand his creative vision and produce custom music was invaluable. With the help of AI technology, Scott was able to create a hit song of epic proportions, despite only having a few days to write it. Scott's height in the music industry has also grown due to the success of “Whiplash,” as it has already become a worldwide hit.