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Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones Star in 'The Burial' to Fight Corporate Corruption Are Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones ready to take on corporate corruption? In the new trailer for The Burial, the two titans of Hollywood team up to fight the corporate giant threatening the lives of innocent people. Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones bring their talents to the crime-drama The Burial, where they play a father and a son seeking to expose the illegal activities of a powerful corporate figure. The feature film is directed by Oren Moverman and executive produced by Martin Scorsese. The new trailer for The Burial displays the intense conflict between the two actors as they battle a powerful businessman (played by Barry Pepper) who is responsible for engaging in illegal activities. Foxx and Jones must go through great lengths to protect the innocent people victimized by the corporate figure's schemes. The trailer shows Jones, at a towering 6'2" height, confronting Pepper in an attempt to bring justice to the community. The Burial also stars Lola Kirke and Catinca Untaru, and is set to be released in theaters on August 27th. With the power of two of Hollywood's most powerful actors, Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones, taking on corporate corruption, this movie is sure to bring the heat. Fans of the two actors are looking forward to seeing their power matchup in this much-anticipated film.