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Jake Paul Height Involved in Dillon Danis Cheating Scandal Jake Paul's reported involvement in Dillon Danis' cheating scandal has been brought to light as it is alleged that Danis may have gotten another woman pregnant while still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Savannah Montano. The allegations stem from a video released by popular YouTuber Jake Paul, who has been vocal about his support for Danis. At one point in the video, he mentions Danis having “made another girl pregnant”. However, his exact words have been called into question since the video's release. Regardless, the video has stirred up much controversy surrounding not only Danis, but also the loyalty of Paul, whose height has been used against him in this light. Social media has been abuzz with speculation as to whether he was simply trying to make a joke or if he was trying to expose some truth about the cheating allegations being made against Danis. The scandal has raised questions about the ethics of Jake Paul's YouTube channel and what his intentions were when he released the video. While the extent of Paul's involvement in the scandal may not be known for certain, it is clear that the incident has highlighted a serious ethical issue in the YouTube community.