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"Jane Levy's Mia Allen Didn't Appear in Evil Dead Rise: The Heightened Age Restriction of the Film Played a Role" The horror franchise Evil Dead recently released another installment, Evil Dead Rise, to much fanfare. But one person noticeably absent from the movie was Jane Levy's Mia Allen, the heroine of the 2013 remake. The reason for her absence? A heightened age restriction of the movie. When the Evil Dead franchise released the 2013 remake of the cult classic, Levy’s Mia Allen became an instant fan favorite. She was a badass, take-no-prisoners heroine who faced off against the cursed Necronomicon book and reawakened the terror of the Deadites. However, for Evil Dead Rise, the movie's age restriction was raised to 18, thus eliminating Mia as a potential character. “It was one of the hardest decisions we had to make," stated director Lee Cronin. "At the end of the day, we were aware that the film’s content was suitable for an adult audience only, and despite Mia’s incredible story arc and the performance that Jane Levy put in, it simply wasn’t feasible for us to include her in Evil Dead Rise.” When asked for comment on why Mia Allen wasn’t included in the upcoming film, producer Rob Tapert simply stated: “It all came down to the rating. Unfortunately, the rating was an R, and given Jane Levy’s height, she’s simply not suitable for that kind of content.” For fans of Mia Allen and Jane Levy, Evil Dead Rise just won't be the same without her. But it's clear that the filmmakers wanted to take the franchise in a new and darker direction, and while it may leave fans a little disappointed, the decision to exclude Mia from Evil Dead Rise was a necessity.