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Brad Pitt Height Returns on Big Screen in Charlie Sheen's Blockbuster Brad Pitt's brief but memorable cameo in Charlie Sheen's $2.9M film has left fans of the actor stunned as the Oscar-winner was spotted in an unearthed clip. After eluding the public eye for a while, Brad Pitt height returns to the big screen in such a way that is sure to keep fans talking. It is no secret that Brad Pitt is one of the most celebrated actors, with a versatile filmography and collector's items like the Academy Award-winning performance in ‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’. The on-screen talent never fails to captivate its audience through its talent and its ability to craft authentic story-telling. Fans were in for a surprise when they noticed an unearthed clip of Brad Pitt making a cameo in the classic Sheen's movie. The cameo itself is brief yet memorable. Brad Pitt height is featured as he casually engages in a conversation with the main character. This brief but enjoyable conversation creates a vivid presence that resonates with the audience, showcasing the talent that the actor possesses. Sheen's film is one of the most expensive films in history, and the inclusion of Brad Pitt height has added to the appeal and grandeur of the movie. As the mainstream media continues to talk about the surprise appearance, it is quite clear that the Oscar-winning actor has certainly left the fans in awe. Will Brad Pitt continue to make cameo appearances in big budget films? The answer still remains to be seen.