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'Kevin Hart Height' Takes Centre Stage as Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson Lift His Spirits Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson have given Kevin Hart a much-needed morale boost after the comedian’s recent car crash which left him significantly injured. Speaking via social media, Smith and Johnson praised the comedic actor and managed to lift his spirits in the face of adversity. Smith said that Hart's “spirit and enthusiasm was unbreakable” and that “the universe needs him”. Johnson shared a tribute Instagram post to Hart and said that he’s “keeping him in my prayers” - proving that Hart’s celebrity peers are firmly in his corner. Addressing his injury on Instagram, Hart himself said that he has “a lot of healing to do” and that the “pain is intense”. He thanked everyone who supported him and said that he's “endlessly grateful” as talks of his own resilient nature continue. Despite his admission of physical pain, Hart’s own mental and spiritual strength has been reinforced with the public support from Smith and Johnson. The two Hollywood A-listers have brought to the forefront Kevin Hart’s height despite his physical boundaries - raising spirits and rallying around a friend in need.