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Gigi Hadid Praises Blake Lively for Her "Hot and Talented" Character Supermodel Gigi Hadid has praised her friend and fellow actress Blake Lively in a recent Instagram post, claiming that the star of Gossip Girl is "hot and talented". Gigi Hadid took to her Instagram to share a sweet tribute about Lively that complimented her style, talent, and beauty. Hadid began her praise by writing, "Just landed back in the states and saw the news!! Congrats @blakelively - you are hot and talented and it's so well deserved!" Hadid didn't stop there, and went on to show the 32-year-old actor some love. Hadid and Lively have been close friends since they were both starting out in the industry. They often support each other’s successes, and Hadid’s post shows that their bond is still going strong. Gigi Hadid’s post followed the news of Blake Lively’s latest accomplishment. After years of work in the industry, the 5’10 actress has finally been recognized for her work, being given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Lively is the 31st woman to be honored with a star on the world-famous sidewalk, with her addition standing alongside other Hollywood greats. Gigi Hadid is no slouch in the industry either. The 5'10 supermodel has become an icon in the fashion world and is known not only for her stunning beauty, but also for her height of 5’10. With her post, Hadid has shown that even though she and Lively are both successful in their respective fields, their friendship is what comes first.