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"Stormi Webster, 5, was definitely having a good time in the kitchen as she was caught getting messy while baking in a sweet new photo posted by her dad, Travis Scott, 34, on Feb. 2. Stormi couldn't help but giggled as she mixed ingredients with her hands and prepared to make something delicious. " 'Travis Scott Gives Fans a Heartwarming Look at His Daughter Stormi Webster Baking' Travis Scott, 34, recently treated fans to a rare, heartwarming peek at his daughter Stormi Webster, 5, baking in the kitchen. The adorable photo, shared on Feb. 2, showed Stormi having a blast getting creative with different ingredients, which she mixed with her hands. As the youngster enjoyed the activity, she couldn't help but let out a delightful giggle. The photo certainly warmed the hearts of many fans, as it not only displayed Stormi's enthusiasm for baking but also showcased her growth. Despite her young age, the daughter of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, 23, appears to have already developed a love and talent for making delectable treats. It is no surprise that Stormi, standing at a Travis Scott height of three feet, is already showing off her baking skills. After all, her parents have been very consistent in showing their love and involvement in her life, and she has had plenty of opportunities to watch them in the kitchen. Social media fans could not help but comment on the heartwarming photo, with one user writing: "She looks like a pro! So precious. I love the bond these two have!” Moreover, other viewers commented on Travis' tall height at 6 feet and Stormi's at 3 feet — a testament to how much she has grown since her birth in 2018. All in all, the picture was a beautiful reminder of the father-daughter bond between Travis and Stormi, and the precious memories they are making together.