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"Will Smith Height is a Major Issue for Men" Will Smith, renowned actor and one of Hollywood's biggest stars, has recently voiced a major issue that he has with men. Smith, who towers over most people at 6'2" and is known for his athletic frame, believes that his height gives him an edge over other men and is the reason for many of the successes in his life. In an interview with FandomWire, Smith discussed how his height has often given him an advantage over other men. He emphasized that oftentimes, height plays a big role in the amount of success and respect a man receives. Smith noted that people are often intimidated by taller men, and the intimidation factor often benefits those who are taller. The actor also acknowledged that even though height often works in his favor, there are times when it can be a disadvantage as well. He admits that there are certain situations where his height could be intimidating and can actually make him stand out more than he would like. Smith stated that he doesn't want to be looked at differently because of his stature. At the end of the interview, Smith implored men of all sizes to focus on their own strengths and accomplishments rather than their physical attributes. He stressed that success is determined by how hard one works rather than physical traits such as height. Smith concluded that if men want to be taken seriously and respected, they must strive to achieve success beyond their physical features.