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New Article Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx Heighten Drama with Height Difference The drama between Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx has been heating up lately and people have started to wonder what has caused the surprising rift between the two stars. It turns out that the reason behind the recent spat is actually quite simple – their height difference. At five feet four inches, Jennifer Aniston stands a good foot shorter than Jamie Foxx, who stands at a towering six foot four inches. This significant height difference has caused a lot of tension between the two stars, with Aniston feeling insecure about her height when she's around Foxx. Recently, it's been reported that she has tried to cancel Jamie Foxx from certain events they were both supposed to attend, as she felt uncomfortable about the fact that she'd be standing so much shorter than him. While this unsteady dynamic has brought a lot of negative attention to the duo, many people have actually expressed sympathy towards Aniston, empathizing with her insecurities. They understand that height can be a sensitive issue for many people, and they appreciate the fact that she is willing to stand up for what she believes in. In the end, this height drama between Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx has been a surprising turn of events, leaving the public to speculate about the future of the pair. What remains to be seen is whether this tension surrounding the Jamie Foxx height will lead to a permanent rift between the two stars or if they will be able to eventually come to an agreement and move past it.