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Mandy Moore Height: 'This Is Us' Star Shares Her Best Wellness Tips Mandy Moore, star of the hit show, This Is Us, is living proof that 39 can be fabulous. The actress, singer, and producer is also proving that wellness is at the core of her success. In an exclusive interview with Prevention Magazine, the 5 ft. 9in. star shared her top tips for health and wellness. Moore's approach to health and wellness centers around balance and self-care. She starts her day with a cup of coffee and a breakfast of eggs, yogurt, and toast with nut butter. Moore also makes fitness a priority, incorporating activities such as running, weight training, and yoga into her routine. As the go-getting star knows, taking care of your body also includes taking care of your mental health. Moore practices holistic healing and utilizes both talk therapy and meditation. She also makes time for self-care, telling the magazine that "Sometimes, I treat myself to a massage or facial, or I take a bath. That kind of self-care - prioritizing yourself and taking time for yourself - is really important.” Finally, Moore does her best to live a balanced life. She believes that it's important to enjoy life, saying, “I believe in balance. I like to go out to dinner with friends. I think having an adult beverage and enjoying yourself is okay. The key is just to keep everything in check, not to get too carried away." By combining a balanced diet, exercise, and self-care, Mandy Moore has found the key to success. The 5 ft. 9in. star is proving that wellness is the key to looking and feeling fabulous at any age.