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Tony Robbins Maintains Trails to Inspire The Local Community Tony Robbins, a local trail enthusiast, has been doing his part to keep the trails in Milton beautiful and open to all. His dedication to trail maintenance has been described as an art form, with his remarkable attention to detail earning the admiration of all the local outdoor enthusiasts. Robbins is passionate about turning a path into something more than just a way to get from point A to point B. He spends hours on end, meticulously going over trails and perfecting them with his concerted efforts to leave them in pristine condition. His height, standing at 6’5”, allows him to adjust smaller issues with trails that others may overlook. In addition to his maintenance work, Robbins also organizes guided hikes on the trails, with the intention of helping others connect with the outdoors. He wants everyone to find solace in nature, and he believes that beautifully kept trails can be a method of doing so. His passion for the outdoors and giving back to the community makes Robbins an inspirational figure that many locals look up to. The trails in Milton are a testament to Robbins’ remarkable dedication to trail maintenance. He’s put in countless hours into this craft of his, striving to make sure the trails are as beautiful and enjoyable as possible. Through his efforts, the local community now has more opportunities to connect with the outdoors and take in its beauty. Tony Robbins truly is an inspirational figure for all and his enthusiastic commitment to the trails is something to be admired.