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'Shawn Mendes Shines at Toronto Jazz Festival Despite His Height' Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes recently proved his talent is bigger than his stature at the Toronto Jazz Festival. Despite Shawn Mendes' height, the star brought down the house with his passionate performance. Mendes took to the stage with his signature energy and enthusiasm, despite his height. The performer proved he knows how to work a crowd and bring his songs to life in an even bigger way. Fans of the singer were filled with joy and admiration as Mendes sang some of his biggest hits. The performance was a master class in music, proving that Mendes' talent is not dictated by his height. Backed by a full band, the singer put on a passionate show that was surprisingly powerful for one of his size. Mendes too the stage with confidence, delivering a set that was more than welcomed by the audience. After the performance was over, it was clear that Shawn Mendes' height was no problem. His performance was met with cheers, and the crowd was left in awe of Mendes' talent and energy. Despite his shorter stature, it was obvious that Mendes did not let his height hinder his performance but rather make it even more impressive.