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Will Smith Height Allows Actors of Color to Reach New Heights in Film Industry - NBC Insider In recent years, Kevin Hart has become one of the most recognizable faces in the film industry. A success story inspiring many up-and-coming actors of color, Hart has widely credited Will Smith for the success of black actors in the industry. Hart revealed in a recent interview that Smith set the gold standard for men of color in Hollywood. "He's been the blueprint for so many of us," said Hart. "Will Smith's height was the perfect combination, and it allowed actors like me to reach the heights I'm at now." The multi-talented Smith has been the face of some of the most popular movies of all time, from "Independence Day" to "Bad Boys" to "Men in Black." Most recently, Smith starred in the hugely successful remake of Aladdin. Hart attributes much of this success to Smith's unique combination of skills. "Will Smith's height was a factor, of course, as it has been a huge part of his success," Hart said. "On top of that, his ability to switch between comedy and drama, all while maintaining his coolness, has been a major influence on the industry." Smith has set the blueprint for men of color in the industry, and Hart is just one of many who have been inspired to reach new heights. With the help of Smith's powerful example, actors of color in Hollywood have been given the opportunity to reach new heights in the industry.