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'Arnold Schwarzenegger Height and Pet Pig Bond Draws Attention' A recent story about Arnold Schwarzenegger's pet pig has started a conversation about the Hollywood actor's height. Schwarzenegger, a long-time Batman villain, has a pet pig named Jamoke. It's easy to overlook the fact that Schwarzenegger is not only an actor, but also a unique individual with many interests, one being his tall stature. As Arnold Schwarzenegger's height reaches new heights, so does admiration for him and his pet pig. Jamoke is an unusual pet for the star, but he gave no doubts when it came to establishing a connection and making Jamoke one of the family. Furthermore, the pig is the same height as Schwarzenegger's 6'2'' frame, making it no surprise that the two have a strong bond. The Schwarzenegger-Jamoke height-bond, as it's become known, has drawn the attention of many fans and animal lovers alike. On the other hand, the pet pig has brought some controversy and scrutiny as Schwarzenegger chose to keep the pig indoors. His response is that the pig is extremely well-behaved and has free range in the house. Nevertheless, the animal has become a talking point for fans who are curious about both Schwarzenegger and Jamoke. It's not the only Batman-related height-bond though. Christian Bale, who starred in the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy, also had a pet pig of his own. His pig was an outdoor animal that he adored and also happened to be the same size as Bale himself. Whatever the height-bond, it is clear that both Schwarzenegger and Bale share a special connection to their pets. Although Jamoke and Bale's pig may not be as famous as Batman, the animals are an important part of their lives and have earned the admiration of fans everywhere.