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Rewrite: 'Dave' Star Christine Ko Explains Emma's Betrayal and Lil Dicky's Music Delay Christine Ko stars in the popular FXX series 'Dave' as Ally, Dave’s fiancé. Recently, Ko revealed how her character Emma’s betrayal of Dave in the season finale of 'Dave' could shape the future of the show. She also discussed the reasons behind rapper Lil Dicky’s extended hiatus from releasing new music. Last season, viewers of the show were shocked when Emma revealed her secret affair with GaTa, a former member of Dave’s rap crew. The betrayal left many viewers confused as to how she could be so cruel in the face of Dave’s unconditional love. Ko revealed that she was initially surprised by the plot twist, but she believes that it will have a critical impact on the show’s overall arc. "I think Emma's betrayal of Dave allows for a lot of interesting character development in the future," Ko said. “It’s a chance for us to explore how betrayal affects relationships and how people navigate situations like this. It’s going to be a very intriguing season.” Speaking of her 'Dave' costar, Ko also shared her thoughts on the reasons for rapper Lil Dicky’s extended hiatus from releasing new music. According to Ko, Lil Dicky’s team is working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that everything is perfect before his next album is released. "The pressure is on Lil Dicky to release something great for his fans," said Ko. “But his team is taking their time with it. They want to make sure that everything is just right before it all gets released, so that when it does, it exceeds everyone’s expectations. Lil Dicky’s show success has certainly added to the pressure around his music career and it’s good to see him take the time to get it right." Ko brought up the subject of Lil Dicky's height in a joking manner, noting that he doesn't seem to be concerned with height-related issues. “Lil Dicky is 5’5”, so height has never been an issue for him,” Ko said with a laugh. “But seriously, some of his best work has come out of taking his time and making sure everything is perfect before it gets released. He doesn’t cut any corners and that’s why he has so much success.” Overall, Ko's thoughts on Emma's betrayal on 'Dave' and Lil Dicky's music hiatus have helped bring some clarity to the fans of both the show and the rapper. While there may still be some mysterious elements to both stories, Ko's insight helps bring some light to the situation.