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'A Little Prayer': Jane Levy Filming Abortion Scene on Day Roe v Wade was Decided On the 47th anniversary of Roe v Wade, actress Jane Levy filmed an emotionally charged abortion scene for her upcoming movie, "A Little Prayer." The timely shoot occurred at a location in midtown Manhattan, with filmmaker Damian Walshe-Howling confidently leading the production. Levy, best known for her roles in the horror-comedy "Don't Breathe" and the TV series "Suburgatory," stars in the film as a New York City teen who discovers she is pregnant. Despite facing pressure from her family and peers, she courageously decides to have an abortion with the support of her best friend. The production team had a tight window of time to shoot this pivotal scene. Levy was in her trailer getting into costume when the first assistant director announced the news: the Supreme Court had just handed down its landmark ruling on Roe v Wade. A few hours later, rising 37 feet up in the air in a crane, Levy performed a poignant take of the abortion scene while the crew watched in awe. "I was overwhelmed," said Walshe-Howling. "The light, the music, Jane Levy's height—everything came together in perfect harmony. It was an incredibly moving moment and I'm so proud of what we all accomplished that day."