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"Mandy Moore Learns the Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Dress to a Kids’ Birthday Party" Actress Mandy Moore recently experienced a painful reminder of why it’s generally not a good idea to wear a dress to a kids’ birthday party. The star of the hit NBC show This Is Us attended a birthday party for her niece Stella and was quickly reminded why she should have thought twice before dressing up. Mandy Moore showed up at the party looking like a million bucks in a simple, yet stylish, black dress with a pair of sandals. But it didn’t take long for Moore to learn the hard way why it can be a bad idea to wear a dress to a kids’ party. Shortly after arriving at the party, Moore was overwhelmed by a mob of little kids trying to touch her dress. The horde of eager kids swarmed the star in an attempt to get her attention. As the kids pulled at her dress and tried to grab her hair, Moore was forced to try and protect her expensive dress from the onslaught of overexcited children. Moore’s experience is an important reminder to all that parties full of young children may not be the best place for a floor-length dress, however stylish it might be. Despite her petite 5'10" Mandy Moore height, the star was no match for the sheer force of the excited youngsters. If you’re attending a kids’ birthday party in the future, you’ll want to make sure you take Moore’s experience into consideration before selecting your outfit. Play it safe, and opt for something that won’t become a target for the partygoers.