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Megan Fox Heightens Beauty Game with 3D Nail Art Megan Fox has long been recognized for her beauty and style, and now the actress is taking her look to new heights with some eye-catching 3D nail art. The Zoe Report recently caught up with the star who showed off her latest looks, and we were truly amazed. Megan Fox's 3D nails feature intricate designs and custom artwork that changes depending on the angle at which you view it. From bright neons to subtle muted hues, the actress has curated a range of looks to take us into the new season. It's clear that not only has Megan Fox's height reached new heights, but her beauty game has too. Speaking to The Zoe Report about her love of nail art, Megan Fox said, "I love experimenting with different colors and designs. It's a fun way to express yourself and really get creative." She went on to explain that her 3D nails take about five hours to complete and that the design possibilities are virtually endless. No matter the occasion, Megan Fox has been sure to showcase her unique 3D nail art. From red carpets to day-to-day street style, this innovative beauty look is always making a statement. With Megan Fox at the forefront of this trend, it's clear that the five-foot four-inch star has set a new standard for nail art.