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"Hard Knocks 2023 Premiere Date, Team & More Announced" The National Football League has finally revealed the premiere date and team for the twentieth season of Hard Knocks. Starting in August 2023, the HBO documentary series will follow an NFL team through training camp and the preseason and be broadcasted on a weekly basis. The team that will be featured in the 2023 season of Hard Knocks is the Los Angeles Rams. Led by head coach Liev Schreiber, the Rams have a roster of promising young talent and a plethora of intriguing storylines that make them an ideal choice for the show. In addition to the Rams players and coaches, viewers will get to witness Liev Schreiber's unorthodox training methods and unorthodox player management style that has made him stand out in the NFL. This should be particularly interesting considering the 6-foot-4 Liev Schreiber height difference between him and some of the players on the team. The Rams will be the fourth team in just the past three seasons to be featured on Hard Knocks. For die-hard NFL fans, the 2023 season with the Rams will be an exciting one as the show makes its return after a three year hiatus. So make sure to mark your calendars for the Hard Knocks 2023 season premiere which airs on August 15th.