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.com 'Liev Schreiber Enjoys Outing with Growing Family' Liev Schreiber recently enjoyed an outing with his soon-to-be wife and son at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The actor, who is 6'3", was spotted arm in arm with his pregnant girlfriend Taylor Neisen, and their two-year-old son Sasha. The couple are clearly excited to add another member to their growing family, and their outing at the film festival had onlookers in awe of the couple's love for each other and their son. Schreiber seemed to tower over Neisen and Sasha with his impressive Liev Schreiber height, the three of them looking very much in love. Schreiber and Neisen have been together since 2015 and announced the pregnancy of their second child in March of this year. The couple have been open about their experiences as parents and often speak publicly about how much they enjoy being parents to Sasha. The couple will soon welcome a new baby into their family, and it's clear they are thrilled to expand their little family. Schreiber has stated that he and Neisen are excited to raise their children together, and it appears that the Liev Schreiber height will be a major part of their family dynamics. The outing at the Tribeca Film Festival provided a glimpse into the couple's loving relationship and the strong bond between Schreiber, Neisen, and Sasha.