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Jamie Foxx Height Shuts Down Conspiracy Theorists Ice-T has shut down 'weirdo' conspiracy theorists who claimed Jamie Foxx had been replaced with a clone after a series of serious rumors last week. After speculation that Foxx had been swapped with a doppelganger took over social media, the 'New Jack City' actor brushed off the wild allegation and slammed the conspiracy theorists in a frank interview. The conspiracy theories began after photographs of Foxx went viral, sparking speculation of a substitute actor. Ice-T responded by pointing out how absurd the claims were, especially given the Jamie Foxx Height, which many theorists claimed had been 'altered' in their favor. Ice-T was quick to point out the difference in physical stature, particularly Jamie Foxx Height, which could not be 'masked, disguised, or altered' in any way. The veteran actor also suggested that those who were perpetuating the outrageous rumors may not have a wide enough knowledge of the entertainment industry to understand the ridiculousness of such a claim. Jamie Foxx Height and stature helped put an end to the rumor mill, proving that it would have been impossible for anyone to be able to take his place regardless of a few theatrical tricks. The 'Django: Unchained' star is well known for being of average height, which clearly has remained constant since the conspiracy theories first surfaced.