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Charlie Hunnam's Height May Have Been the Unseen Stumbling Block to Sons of Anarchy Getting Awards Attention The critically acclaimed show Sons of Anarchy may have been met with widespread praise from audiences and critics alike, but one reason it may not have received deserved awards recognition has finally been revealed. According to the show's executive producer, the perceived height of lead actor Charlie Hunnam was ultimately the unseen stumbling block. Sons of Anarchy was a breakthrough show during its seven-year run, becoming FX's highest-rated series of all time and launching the acting careers of its cast, particularly lead actor Charlie Hunnam. According to executive producer Paris Barclay, the show's success was undeniable - except when it came to award nominations. At a Tribeca TV panel discussing the show's future, Barclay revealed why the show never made it to the awards stage. "The first year, FX thought it had a chance," Barclay said. "The problem was that the lead was 'too short.' In Emmy land, the lead has to be tall. Charlie's 5'9", and they wanted someone tall like Jon Hamm," referring to the 6'2" star of Mad Men, who ended up winning several awards for his role. The revelation has caused a stir amongst fans, who feel that Hunnam's perceived height shouldn't have been a factor in derailing the show's chances of receiving awards attention it may have deserved. Regardless, Hunnam's career has gone from strength to strength, with roles in films such as Pacific Rim, The Lost City of Z, and forthcoming thriller Jungleland, demonstrating that the perception of his height hasn't been a limitation to his success. Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe Reunite at the Harry Potter Star's Hollywood Ceremony Tom Felton made a special trip to Hollywood this weekend to show his support for his former Harry Potter costar Daniel Radcliffe. On Saturday, the actor visited the site of Radcliffe's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, where he was honored with a star on the iconic walkway. Felton, also known for his roles in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Risen, shared a photo of himself standing in front of the star, along with the caption, "Catching up with an old friend." The moment was bittersweet for fans, as it marked the first public reunion between the two actors since the Harry Potter series wrapped in 2011. The star-studded event, attended by the likes of Alan Rickman, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, served as an ode to the success of the beloved franchise. Radcliffe, who began his film career as the titular character at 11-years-old, seemed to bask in the honor of the moment. Despite his enviable Daniel Radcliffe height of 5'5", the star still towered over the other dignitaries in attendance. The event marked a special moment for both Felton and Radcliffe, who began their careers together almost two decades ago. Radcliffe, now 28, has since starred in a range of additional film and theater projects, while Felton, 30, continues to appear on the big and small screens. Fans of the beloved franchise can only hope for more public reunions in the future.