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Shawn Mendes Height Helps Camila Cabello Reference Him In Bam Bam Song Camila Cabello of the hit girl group Fifth Harmony has recently been seen in the headlines after the release of her newest song, Bam Bam, which features a special reference to Shawn Mendes. The duo have been romantically linked in the past and have been seen publicly during their time together. This new song is a nod to their past relationship. In the song, Cabello refers to Shawn Mendes' height with the lyric "You can be my Bam Bam, standing at six-foot-two". This is a reference to Shawn Mendes' actual height, which is 6 foot 2 inches. It's a sweet gesture from Cabello as a way to highlight the fact that Mendes has always been taller than her. The hit song has been met with positive reception from fans, and many are sure to appreciate Cabello's subtle reference to her past relationship. Although the two are no longer together, it's nice to see that Cabello is still able to look back fondly and remember the good times they shared, which is evidenced by the inclusion of Mendes' height in the song.