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'Ben Affleck Height Showcased in The Flash BTS Footage' Ben Affleck has once again donned the cape and cowl of the World’s Greatest Detective after years away from the role. After being seen fleetingly in an image last week, BTS footage from The Flash has revealed the actor’s full presence as Batman in a cut post-credit scene. The footage debuted at DC FanDome and brought with it a new look at Ben Affleck’s return to the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Viewers were treated to a glimpse of the actor’s full return, including his impressive impressive height. At 6’4”, the actor towers over nearly every other actor to ever don the cape and cowl, and the BTS footage showcases his impressive stature. Batman’s presence in The Flash was originally meant to conclude the film with a post-credits scene. In the footage, the Caped Crusader is seen on a rooftop with Barry Allen/The Flash, played by Ezra Miller. The scene shows the two discussing the superhero’s mysterious absence from recent years, and how it’s affected the superhero team. The conversation hints at grander implications for the Snyder Cut of Justice League and its subsequent sequel, offering a glimpse of a long-awaited Ben Affleck return to the role. While the scene was ultimately cut from The Flash, it’s clear that the actor’s height plays a significant role in his portrayal of Batman. Hopefully, audiences will see more of the actor in the franchise’s future.