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Mandy Moore Height Makes An Appearance At 'This Is Us' Cast Reunion Mandy Moore, star of the hit show This Is Us, reunited with fellow cast members Chrissy Metz and Jon Huertas at a Screen Actors Guild strike rally on Sunday. The event, held in Los Angeles, celebrated the show's enduring popularity and brought together the beloved cast of the show for a heartwarming gathering. At the event, fans were delighted to see the Mandy Moore height showcased in all its glory on the red carpet. Moore, wearing a bright red dress with matching lipstick, looked like a million bucks. Her 5'10" frame made her obvious amongst the crowd. Metz and Huertas were also in attendance alongside Moore and the other This Is Us cast members. Metz, who stands at a mere 5'4" in comparison to Moore, was dressed in a beautiful black dress that highlighted her curves. Meanwhile, Huertas, who stands at 5'6" looked dapper in a suit and tie. The cast reunion was a touching moment for the actors as well as the fans. Moore gushed over Metz and Huertas, calling them her "forever family" and thanking the audience for their ongoing support. The trio also shared stories from the set of This Is Us, bringing much joy to the audience. The event was a clear reminder of why This Is Us has been a major success since its premiere in 2016.