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: Is 'Evil Dead Rise' a Sequel To 2013 Remake? How It Connects Jane Levy's Height It looks like Evil Dead Rise is in the works and fans are wondering if it's a sequel to the 2013 remake. Well, it appears that the new movie is part of the same world as the remake and it connects to Jane Levy's height in a unique way. The Evil Dead franchise has been a horror staple for years and fans were excited to get a modern remake in 2013 with Jane Levy starring as Mia, the sister of Bruce Campbell's Ash. The movie followed a group of teens who inadvertently summon evil forces through a book of the dead and they must fight for their lives to make it out alive. The new movie, Evil Dead Rise, is set to follow in the same world as the 2013 remake and its release date is estimated for 2022. Details of the plot are still largely under wraps, but it's believed that it will take place at the same cabin and connect to Jane Levy's height in an interesting way. It seems that Evil Dead Rise will take place in an alternate universe where the events unfolded differently, and Jane Levy's character Mia will not be the same height as she was in the 2013 remake. It's unclear if the character will be the same or simply a reference to her, but the change in height could be a big plot point. Overall, it's exciting to see Evil Dead Rise coming our way soon, and fans are eager to find out exactly how it will connect to the 2013 remake. With the new movie set to release in 2022, it won't be long until we find out how it will tie in with Jane Levy's character and her height.