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'How Jennifer Lawrence Became Katniss Everdeen' – An In-Depth Look At The Star's Transformation The Hunger Games franchise catapulted Jennifer Lawrence to superstar status, and her portrayal of the determined Katniss Everdeen played a huge role in her success. But what was involved in Lawrence's remarkable transformation? When Jennifer Lawrence first stepped on the set of The Hunger Games, she was already an acclaimed actress, having received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for her role in Winter's Bone. However, to become the fierce and relentless Katniss Everdeen, it was clear that Lawrence would have to draw on skills and resources beyond her acting talents. Physical preparation was an essential part of the transformation, and Lawrence had to work hard to build up her strength. Despite her petite frame, the 5'7" actress put in the effort to increase her Jennifer Lawrence height and hone her physique. She took on an intense exercise regime, with intensive strength and cardio training, and even had to skim meals from her diet to make sure she stayed fit for her action scenes. But that was just the beginning. Lawrence also had to master archery, of which she had no prior experience. But with her hard-working attitude, Lawrence was eventually able to hit targets with precision. She also had to learn to handle weapons, from bow and arrow to fire, and effectively operate them in a fight. It was a lot of work, but Lawrence's dedication to the role paid off. To this day, Lawrence remains one of the most recognisable movie stars, thanks to her incredible transformation into Katniss Everdeen. Her exemplary performance has become iconic, and her role as the brave heroine has become celebrated.