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Jake Paul Warns Tyson Fury of KSI: 'Look At What I Did To Nate Diaz!' Boxing fans were left with their mouths agape after hearing YouTube sensation and boxer Jake Paul's latest challenge. Paul recently issued a warning to heavyweight champion Tyson Fury via Twitter. Paul told Fury to “look at what I did to Nate Diaz” as a warning of what he could do for him. Paul's warning to Fury stems from his recent fight with MMA star Nate Diaz. After months of talking trash and hyping the fight, Paul and Diaz went head-to-head in the boxing ring. And it was Paul who came out on top, winning the fight via unanimous decision. He dominated the fight, despite his opponent's height and reach advantage. The victory only served to bolster Paul's confidence. He spoke after the fight to tell Fury that he was coming for him. Although Fury has yet to respond to Paul's challenge, the boxing world is watching closely to see how it plays out. Jake Paul has been getting a lot of attention for his bold moves in the boxing world. Standing at a mere 5 foot 10 inches, Paul has already faced tough opponents and won. Despite his smaller frame, his impressive Jake Paul height has not impeded his success in the ring. He has already proven himself as a formidable opponent and a tough challenge for any boxer who steps up to the plate. Paul's recent challenge to Fury only serves to show how confident he is in his boxing skills. It's unclear what kind of response the YouTube sensation will get from the heavyweight champion. For now, we can only wait and see if Paul will get the fight he craves and if he can live up to his own bold predictions.