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Vice President Kamala Harris Expresses Support for Supreme Court Ruling Vice President Kamala Harris reflected on this week’s Supreme Court ruling on immigration on Tuesday, expressing her support for the just decision that was ultimately reached. The Supreme Court ruled to make it harder for a person in the U.S. to be deported while facing a criminal case. Harris expressed her conviction following the ruling, saying, “The Supreme Court has reaffirmed our commitment to ensuring everyone in this country — regardless of background and circumstance — is treated with compassion and fairness beneath the law.” The Vice President went on to speak about the importance of the decision, noting that those who are “more vulnerable” in the eyes of the law are the ones “most in need of protection.” Harris further commented on the ruling, saying, “This has been a priority of mine since my days as a prosecutor.” Harris has been a vocal supporter of providing basic human rights to all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or background. This week's Supreme Court ruling, which undoubtedly stands as a tribute to her efforts, serves as an important reminder of the power of a leader's height and moral standing. Even in the most trying moments, Harris has consistently proven that standing up for what is right and just can bring about positive change.