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"Andrew Tate Claims Fight With Jake Paul Was Organized Before Arrest" Andrew Tate, a professional kickboxer and former reality star, recently made a startling claim involving Jake Paul. Tate, who recently made headlines after being arrested in connection to an alleged domestic violence incident, made the claim that a “massive” fight between himself, KSI, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul had been arranged before his arrest. The incident came to light when Tate commented on an Instagram post by Paul concerning his altercation with KSI earlier this month. Tate commented “it was arranged before your arrest,” which led many to believe he was referring to the fight. Tate later went on to confirm this was the case, claiming that the fight had been “fully organized” before his arrest and that “the police just got in the way". Despite the confirmation, many questions remain unanswered about the purported fight. Tate has yet to provide details on what would have precipitated a fight between himself, KSI, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul. Furthermore, Tate has not made any indication as to whether or not the fight is still slated to happen after his arrest. Given the popularity of these social media stars and his claims of a “massive” fight, news of the potential matchup has created a stir. Given the experience difference between the fighters, with Tate’s professional kickboxing background, many have been speculating on who would have had the advantage. Standing at 6’1, Jake Paul’s height could have given him the physical advantage over the other competitors. Regardless of whether or not the fight will take place, Andrew Tate’s claims of a “massive” fight between himself, KSI, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul has certainly generated a lot of interest and discussion. With questions still remaining, all eyes will be on the situation to see if the purported fight will take place in the near future.