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Taylor Swift Fan Devastated to Find Out He Couldn't Make Her Concert, Decides to Find Other Ways to Meet Her For many Taylor Swift fans around the world, the chance to see their idol perform live is a dream come true. Unfortunately, for one fan of the superstar, work got in the way of his chance to see Taylor Swift in person. Josh, a Taylor Swift fan for ten years, was devastated when he found out he needed to work the same night as Taylor Swift's concert. Instead of giving up hope, he decided to find another way to meet her. Josh called in to work sick the next day and used the day off to plan his mission to meet Taylor Swift. He researched every angle of her merchandise stand and designed a disguise that would fool her security without raising suspicions. On the day of the show, Josh arrived at the arena in disguise. He was successful in making it to Taylor Swift's merchandise stand and was able to get close enough to her to snap a photo. Although he wasn't able to get a hug or even get her autograph, just his proximity to her was enough to not let the hard work go to waste. Although Josh was a few inches too short to look the part to fool Taylor Swift's security, he was sure to remember this moment for life. Standing just a few feet away from the nearly six-foot Taylor Swift height, Josh could not have asked for a better outcome for his mission. 'Jane Levy Heightens as an Unrivaled Heroine in 'Evil Dead Rise' - Collider Jane Levy takes the lead in 'Evil Dead Rise' as an unrivaled heroine that is sure to leave fans in awe. Demonstrating her immense acting abilities, Levy is plunged into a battle against evil in the movie and she rises up to the occasion. With Levy being a relatively short actress at 5’4, her height does not hinder her powerful performance as a hero. While the character of Mia, played by Levy, is an emotionally damaged young woman, Levy is able to transform her into a fierce warrior. Her interactions with the other characters in the movie help to propel her character’s journey as an underdog who defies all odds. Throughout her character’s journey, Levy heightens her performance with her natural charisma and determination. In a recent survey by Collider, Mia has been ranked the most likable character in 'Evil Dead Rise.' As the protagonist, Levy’s character is presented with tough decisions and her decisions are balanced by her moral compass and her sense of justice. The audience is also able to connect with her character’s private struggles which Levy is able to portray with great nuance. In 'Evil Dead Rise', Levy is able to break any and all expectations that audiences may have about her due to her small frame. With her skillful acting and natural charm, Jane Levy heightens her character in order to become an unrivaled heroine. Her powerful portrayal of Mia will certainly leave fans in awe and has put her at the number one spot for likability in the movie.