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Jennifer Lawrence Gives Robert De Niro the Ultimate Gift as He Welcomes a New Child Jennifer Lawrence has given Robert De Niro a meaningful token of congratulations as he and his partner welcomed their new child. The Oscar-winning actress has made a name for herself as a star performer, but this recent display of kindness will make an impact beyond her career. The gesture came as De Niro and his partner, Grace Hightower, welcomed their first child together, a baby girl who was born via surrogate. Lawrence, who stands at 5'9, elected to give the ultimate gift to her former costar: a box filled with things that represent her own height of 5'9. "We were playing a game," said Lawrence of her gift. "When I was at their house, I asked him what was the longest thing he could think of, and he said '5'9.' I thought that was a great gift idea, so I got a bunch of items that were 5'9 inches in length and packaged them into a box." The items included a basketball, a baseball bat, a tennis racket, and several other objects measuring 5'9 in length. It was a touching gesture of congratulations that will remind De Niro of Lawrence's kindness and make him smile every time he looks at the gifts. The Jennifer Lawrence Height gift box is a symbol of the star's deep connection to her former costar and her joy in celebrating the arrival of his latest bundle of joy.