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Article Is Tana Mongeau Dating Jeff Wittek? Tana Mongeau, the popular YouTube star, has recently been rumored to be dating fellow influencer, Jeff Wittek. After being spotted together multiple times, fans are wondering if they have taken their friendship to the next level. The speculation about the two began after they were spotted together at a Halloween party in Los Angeles in early October. At the time, Mongeau was dressed as Miley Cyrus and Wittek was wearing Drew Carey's iconic purple suit. After the photos surfaced, fans immediately began to speculate about the nature of their relationship. Mongeau has also been posting photos of the two together on her Instagram, further fueling the dating rumors. In one photo, Mongeau and Wittek could be seen standing side-by-side with their arms around each other. Mongeau captioned the photo with a heart emoji, which added to the speculation. The two have yet to officially confirm or deny their relationship status, however, Mongeau did take to Twitter to address the rumors. When asked if she was dating Wittek, Mongeau responded “we’re just really tall friends." Her response, in addition to the Tana Mongeau height difference between herself and Wittek, has further added to the speculation surrounding their relationship status.