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"Brad Pitt Height Helps Actor Overcome $19 Million Flop Movie" Brad Pitt, the iconic actor known for his starring roles in numerous blockbuster hits, has been recently linked to a much less successful movie that cost millions of dollars to produce and only made 19 million at the box office. Despite the monumental failure of the movie, Brad Pitt was able to overcome the financial loss thanks in part to his signature skill: his height. Standing 6 foot tall, Brad Pitt towers above most of his co-stars and is often times one of the tallest actors on set. So even when a movie flops, Brad Pitt's height helps him to stand out in the crowd, making him more easily recognizable than others. His height gives him a unique advantage in the industry, allowing him to command higher salaries than his shorter counterparts. He often uses his tall stature in his films to give his characters a huge presence and an intimidating factor that adds to his larger-than-life persona. Brad Pitt's height has been a major asset to his film career, giving him an edge even in the wake of a $19 million flop movie. With his towering appearance, he is still able to remain a recognizable face in the industry and it is an advantage that will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial for many years to come.