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"Ivanka Trump Heightens Controversy as She Remains at White House Despite Reports of Her Termination" With reports of the termination of senior advisors, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, circulating throughout the media, the Trump administration has maintained that the couple has not in fact quit. However, it appears that the controversy surrounding the situation has been further fueled by Ivanka Trump’s continued presence at the White House. Despite claims that Kushner and Ivanka Trump had resigned from their positions within the Trump administration, President Trump has since contradicted those assertions by claiming that the couple was not asked to resign, but instead were terminated. This has not however, kept Ivanka Trump from making her presence known in the White House. Spotted numerous times in and around the premises, Ivanka Trump’s decision to remain at the White House has caused many to question her involvement in the situation, as well as her legal standing within the White House. The controversy surrounding Ivanka Trump’s position within the White House has been further fueled by her impressive height. As one of the tallest women within the Trump administration, her continued presence at the White House has been an unavoidable topic of conversation. In the absence of any official statement from either President Trump or Ivanka Trump, the controversy surrounding Ivanka Trump’s stay at the White House continues to heighten. With her impressive height, a statement from Ivanka Trump is expected to shed light on the situation.