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Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid Show Off Iconic Friendship in NYC - E! NEWS Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of New York City, Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid proved their friendship was still going strong. The two took a day off from busy schedules to have a girls day out on Wednesday in NYC, and the results were undeniable chemistry. Swift, 29, and Hadid, 24, began their day with a stroll through the city. Wearing glamorous outfits that highlighted their contrasting styles, the pair radiated joy in each other's company. Swift wore a chic pair of blue high-waisted jeans and a black t-shirt, while Hadid opted for an off-the-shoulder black and white dress. With Gigi Hadid's height at 5'10", she made the perfect companion for Swift as they strolled around town. The two then treated themselves to some retail therapy, hitting several stores in the city. The friends were spotted browsing clothing racks and jewelry and laughing together, fully enjoying the day off. Afterward, they made their way to one of their favorite places to eat, a popular baker in Tribeca. The two capped off their fun filled day with an evening of self-care. Swift and Hadid were seen leaving a spa, taking some much-needed time for themselves. They documented their day on social media, posting several group pictures and stories on Instagram. The pictures showed off their easygoing demeanors and undeniable friendship, proving Gigi Hadid's height didn't stand in the way of a perfect day. The two stars have been friends for years, with Hadid appearing in the music video for Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ in 2015. Despite their busy careers, it's clear when the two get together, their friendship never goes out of style.