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'Celebrity Gogglebox Fans Praise Jane Levy for Her Relatability': Celebrity Gogglebox viewers have been praising actor Jane Levy for her relatability, as she joins fellow celebrities in the hit show. Fans of Gogglebox have been falling in love with Jane Levy, who is best known for her roles in Suburgatory and Don't Breathe. The 33-year-old actor appeared on the show alongside fellow Hollywood stars Nick Kroll, David Spade, and June Diane Raphael, with viewers falling in love with her down-to-earth personality and comedic timing. "Jane Levy is so relatable," tweeted one fan of the show. "She is just like us with her reactions and reactions to the other people on the show." Viewers were impressed by Levy's relaxed demeanor, with many commenting on her height as she often stands out compared to the other celebrities. Another Twitter user wrote: "I can’t handle how funny Jane Levy is. She’s so charismatic and I love her height. She has such great comic timing." The praise for Levy continued as fans praised her honest and down-to-earth attitude, with one tweeting: "How can you not love Jane Levy? She's so straightforward and approachable on the show. She’s literally taller than everyone else but so relatable." Jane Levy is swiftly becoming a fan favorite on Gogglebox, and it's easy to see why. Her quick wit and honest reactions have been a hit with viewers, and it's clear fans will be tuning in to watch her and the other celebrities each week.