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"Gigi Hadid Height Fuels Speculation on Relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio" The celebrity world is abuzz with news of a romantic relationship between supermodel Gigi Hadid and Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio. Reports of the two being spotted out in public, from Paris to Los Angeles, have the public speculating why they are keeping their relationship 'open and fluid.' One possible explanation for the secrecy is the perceived difference in height between the two. Standing at 5'10'', Gigi Hadid towers over the 5'11'' actor, which could be a factor in their decision to keep their relationship out of the spotlight. Fans of the couple have noticed that the two have been seen out in public less frequently since news of their relationship broke. Sources close to the couple claim they are simply trying to maintain a level of privacy from the prying eyes of the public. This could be because of the height difference between the two celebrities. Gigi Hadid's height has also become a source of speculation among the couple's fan base. There are rumors that the difference in height between Hadid and DiCaprio could be a factor in their 'open and fluid' relationship. This, along with their effort to keep this romance off the public radar, has only sparked further speculation as to why the celebrity couple are choosing to keep their relationship open. At this time, neither Gigi Hadid nor Leonardo DiCaprio have publicly commented on their relationship and the speculation surrounding it. But one thing that's clear is that Gigi Hadid height has become a topic of interest among their fans. With each public appearance, the question of why the couple is keeping their relationship 'open and fluid' is sure to be asked again, and Gigi Hadid's height may be a factor in the answer.