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"Gigi Hadid Celebrates Open and Fluid Relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio" Gigi Hadid has had an interesting 2020. From quarantining with Zayn Malik to being linked to some of Hollywood's biggest stars, she certainly has made the rounds. But perhaps her most buzzed-about romance has been her ‘open and fluid’ relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. Recently, Hadid and DiCaprio were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, sparking rumors that their relationship is still going strong. While neither has commented on the nature of their relationship, it is clear that Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio are enjoying their time together. The couple certainly makes a stunning pair, with Hadid’s 5ft 10in height complementing DiCaprio’s 6ft stature perfectly. Fans have certainly taken notice, with the pair easily drawing attention wherever they go. Moreover, Hadid’s star power is sure to be elevated with her connection to DiCaprio, who has long been a Hollywood staple since 1994. Despite being relatively private about their romance, it is clear that Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio are having a great time together. With Hadid's Gigi Hadid height and DiCaprio's star power combined, it is sure to be an envious relationship for fans all over the world.