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"Brad Pitt Loses His Cool After Son of Clint Eastwood Disrespects Him" At a recent event, Brad Pitt lost his composure after the son of legendary actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood allegedly showed him disrespect. Reportedly, this incident occured when Pitt bumped into Eastwood's son while walking through a crowd. It is claimed that Eastwood's son began making rude comments about Pitt's height, to which the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star took offense. After muttering something under his breath, Pitt stepped in and sternly warned the young man to keep his mouth shut. "You're going to clean that sh-t up," said Pitt, drawing attention to the awkward encounter. Witnesses to the altercation said that Eastwood's son quickly complied with Pitt's demand, after which the two parted ways without any further incident. Although the exact phrase used by the young man to describe Brad Pitt height was not disclosed, it is clear that the Oscar winner does not take well to being disrespected. In any case, it appears that no hard feelings were left in the wake of the incident, as Pitt and Eastwood's son were soon seen sharing a light conversation, seemingly setting aside any differences between them. For now, it appears as if this brush with disrespect is firmly in the past.