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Megan Fox Height Not The Issue in Man's Claims of Parental Abuse Megan Fox has recently been the subject of some serious accusations from an anonymous man. He claimed to have witnessed Fox force her young children to wear girls' clothing. The allegation has come at a time when the conversation about the way we parent kids in the US is being hotly debated. The man behind the accusation, whose identity remains unknown, alleges that he was at a party with the actress and her children in October and saw her inflict harsh and inappropriate parenting on the youngsters. He noted that Fox was imposing her gender preferences on her kids, forcing them to wear girls' clothing regardless of their gender identity. In his statement, he says that he was deeply disturbed by what he saw and felt compelled to speak out. The accusation has been met with some backlash, as Fox is a vocal proponent of LGBTQ rights and is an advocate for respecting gender identity. Many fans of the actress believe that these claims are baseless and that her parenting style is being unfairly judged. Fox has so far declined to comment publicly on the matter but her camp has denied the allegations, saying that Megan Fox's parenting decisions are no one else's business. While the accusation has been the subject of much debate since it surfaced, what cannot be disputed is that Megan Fox height has absolutely nothing to do with this case.